The Flow Frequency


In our modern, fast-paced world, we've been conditioned to believe that achieving our desires requires relentless effort and constant hustle.

Embrace a sacred shift in your approach to manifestation by tapping into the profound energy of allowing, a practice deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine.

Constant hustle takes a toll on our wellbeing, leading to burnout and draining our Divine energy. It's time to break free from the old masculine paradigm that insists on force and control.

Allowing isn't about passivity or weakness - it's a potent form of surrender. It's about gracefully co-creating with the cosmos, manifesting miracles without the need for force.

Aligning with the natural Flow of the Universe allows our desires to unfold organically.

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Embrace the enchanting dance of the Divine Feminine with The Flow Frequency, an 8 week coaching container designed to immerse you in the sacred art of receiving.

Have you ever felt that liberating sense of freedom, joy and ease while manifesting? That's the unmistakable essence of being in Flow.

Imagine being guided through a transformative journey to release stress and fully embody your Feminine Flow.

This is where the true magic unfolds.

Are you ready to let go, surrender, and step into the magnetic energy of the Divine Feminine? This is a journey where you'll not only discover the Flow but learn how to make it a consistent part of your magical existence.

"With this course, you get to experience being in the Flow, when things just happen for you. You know how it feels when it happens for you. Fasten your seatbelt, as it will! Jade guides you step by step, coaches you and puts you on a path that is life-changing. More so, being in Jade’s presence is an experience in itself. You get inspired by her high vibration, ego-less, non-judgemental state of being – which is the basis for getting into the Flow. I highly recommend this course.”
- Teodora, UK

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Unveil the magic of Flow, explore the dynamic energetics of magnetism and learn the art of nurturing the precious momentum that propels you towards your dreams.

Yet there's a deeper layer to this transformative experience...

Within The Flow Frequency you'll gracefully unravel the threads of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, setting the stage for profound transformation. Embrace conscious awareness that breathes life into your manifestation journey, creating a synergy between the external and the Sacred within.

This isn't merely about surface level changes - it's a profound inner shift that beckons you to embrace a new state of BEing.

Get ready for a soulful, life-changing journey that invites you to dance with the extraordinary within yourself.

“It is no exaggeration to say that The Flow Frequency is a life-changing experience.
Jade’s weekly group coaching calls, which were always powerful, inspiring, and supportive as well as being a lot of fun, combined with the plethora of empowering rituals, meditations, crystal wisdom, and so many other amazing tips and tools that Jade shared for us to practice each week meant that I learned not only how to get into the Flow Frequency, but how to stay there.I now experience much more ease and flow in all areas of my life. I have more clarity and confidence…and wonderful synchronicities are an almost daily occurrence. Very highly recommended!”- Jeanette, Ibiza

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Module One - dive into the magic of feminine energy and create your daily Flow ritual.

Module Two - uncover the vibrations of JOY and happiness as integral components of Flow.

Module Three - embrace the lightness of life through the essence of fun and PLAY.

Module Four - harness the incredible power of your subconscious mind and master the present moment for sustained Flow.

Module Five - explore the profound impact of how your thoughts create your reality.

Module Six - lean into the transformative power of surrender and TRUST.

Module Seven - learn the significance of brain-heart coherence and its role in creating magnetism.

Module Eight - discover how to keep the precious momentum flowing.

What's included?

• 8 weekly calls
• 8 Flow Frequency rituals
• Distance crystal healing session
• Energetic block clearing session
• The Flow Frequency guide book

"The Flow Frequency is a guided visit into the castle of yourself being throughout the observation of the surrounding landscape dimension. Jade guides you through the rooms and gardens, opens doors and windows under a new light view. She gently holds your hand irradiating you with confidence, while you walk through new corridors and explore new pathways to self love.
Her mastering of the crystal frequencies is the key that allows to reframe the perception of yourself (the castle) and your dimension (the landscape). This crucial self recognition, empowers you to claim and own your castle and land but in a funny way. Like you are a child playing with wood sword. It is like finding a crown with your name on it, and celebrating your own in-coronation. Can you imagine how funny and how transformative it can be when you learn to use the electric power of crystals?”- Angela, Barcelona

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Embark on the transformative journey of The Flow Frequency starting on Thursday 5th September at 7pm GMT.

The investment for this transformational program is £555. But if you join before 5th August you can grab the early bird price of £333.

If you're ready to step in the Flow, simply click the button below and, once payment has been received, you'll receive a confirmation email with full details.

Let the magic unfold!🤍

“The Flow Frequency has been life changing. Jade is not only a great coach but the kindest human that will guide you and give you the space to talk and be listened to. The Flow Frequency is created with so much love and the resources necessary for you to naturally connect with your inner self and listen to what you need to be and remain in a state of flow. Being in the Flow for me has allowed me to live lighter, happier and with so much more intention."- Laura, Madrid

"The Flow Frequency is 8 wonderful weeks where we are coached on finding and staying in our flow using Jade's tried and tested techniques. Each week builds on the next and gently shifts our perspective & energy.
Jade is so warm and caring, her energy so gentle and uplifting, and her knowledge and skills endless. Her courses have changed my view of and approach to life in positive and uplifting ways. They show us how different life can be when we are in vibrational alignment. In addition to this synchronicities and opportunities start to appear as if by magic.This is a wonderful program that will help you find your vibrational balance and open you up a whole new world of possibilities.”- Kathryn, UK

"The Flow Frequency changed my life, I am now experiencing feeling good, being in the flow (most of the time) relaxed and manifesting. This was not me 4 months ago, who was stressed and life felt like an uphill struggle. My family, friends and colleagues are all benefiting from the new relaxed me. I can handle challenges with a different mindset and being calm and in control of my emotions. Thank goodness that I met Jade and followed her guidance to a beautiful way of using my energy. This step by step programme was a complete joy to follow with week after week of easy and enjoyable exercises to follow. The world would be wonderful if we all followed this way of living."
- Deborah, UK

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